English Communication Skills (under/graduate, MSU, Bracken Business Communications Clinic (BBCC), January 2017 – present)

⊗ one-on-one and group mentoring to improve student essays and presentations

⊗ Student Survey, Fall 2017. 

»Very helpful, caught a lot of mistakes that we had read right over.

»Nadya was exceedingly helpful and went as far as to stay late to finish reading through my paper. I was surprised by just how many mistakes she was able to find. Especially  when I had thought my paper was close to being polished. I will be returning for help for future papers.

»Very efficient and productive use of my time! Thanks for helping!

»She was extremely helpful in the development of my paper, and helped me out with many key aspects I was missing. She was very friendly and made me laugh. I was very comfortable throughout the entire talk through.

»Nayda was super helpful. We worked through ideas and cleared up my presentation.

»Nadya was awesome, I would definitely go back to her!

»Good insight I hadn’t thought about. Thanks!

»Nadya always puts my ideas in a way that I can understand

»Nadya was great!

»Nadya was the best! we not only connected with ideas and topics for my paper but on a personal level as well. 

»The BBCC has always improved my papers. I believe that coming to the BBCC makes the grades on my papers higher.

»Very helpful! Totally helped me change my paper from a C paper to an A paper!

Private Tutoring

⊗ check out my tutoring profiles at the Knowledge Roundtable and at Wyzant

English as a Second Language (under/graduate, INTERLINK Language Center at MSU, January 2017 – present; A.C.E. Language Institute at MSU, October 2013 – December 2016)

⊗ teaching listening, speaking, grammar, writing, reading, and vocabulary at various levels of English, from beginner to advanced

⊗ Student Course Evaluations, January – July 2017. What advice would you give a teacher of this class?

»My tescher was awesome
»She was good
»thank you Nadiya
»I don’t have anything to say because she did for me everything. Thanks Nadya.
»You are the best teacher
»I appreciate her hard work but I feel a certain kind of pressure when I received a reply from her at midnight or weekend.
»Your advice is appropriate and helpful.

»I like this class and Nadya. At first, I didn’t have confidence with my speech in English since I have never made a speech in English. But, in order to the encouragement from Nadya, I could make presentations. I really appreciate Nadya!

Topics in Comparative Syntax (masters, UMinho, Spring 2012)

⊗ wrote and taught lectures on the typical acquisition of passives, binding, null subjects, quantifiers, and wh-movement

Abnormal Language (under/graduate, MIT 9.56, Fall semesters of 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010)

⊗ co-developed the course with Ken Wexler, Alexandra Perovic, and Christopher Hirsch

⊗ wrote and taught lectures on typical acquisition of determiners; genetics of language; language in autism; language in dyxlexia; neurobiology of language

⊗ see OpenCourseWare for an early version of the course

Angus MacDonald Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching. BCS, MIT. 2009

⊗ Student Subject Evaluations, Fall 2010. Comments on Teaching:

»Student 4194 – Lectures were very clear and answered questions well. Did a good job of explaining background material (that some students knew and some didn’t) concisely and in a way that made it easier to understand.

»Student 7105 – Very helpful, provided lots of papers for me and other resources to help me write my paper. But the same thing goes for the slides; slides are an ineffective way of teaching.

»Student 15226 – Availability to meet with students and answers email was definitely a standout for Nadya.

»Student 15870 – Nadya’s knowledge and enthusiasm are obvious in her teaching. Her lectures were well prepared and easy to follow. I also appreciated that she made herself very available outside of class–for help with problem sets, papers, test review, or general discussion.

»Student 30699 – I really appreciated her availability outside of class, and willingness to help understand the subject material

»Student 37118 – very willing to help

Introduction to Psychology (undergraduate, MIT 9.00, Fall 2004, Spring 2006)

⊗ taught supporting sections (27 students each term)

⊗ see OpenCourseWare for details

Language Acquisition (undergraduate, MIT 9.57, Fall 2005)

⊗ served as an unofficial teaching assistant

Undergraduate Student Mentoring in Research (MIT, September 2004 – September 2011)

⊗ mentored and managed a total of 60 undergraduate students

⊗ supported by UROP: Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program